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President’s Message

President's Message / Welcome Page

Friday, May 27, 2022

As we continue this year together, I would like to assure all members that I will do all I can to affirm PAF presence for the next 45 years.  Equally, as a member of PAF, I have seen the positive impact this association has on so many of its members.  For all those in leadership roles I thank you for your continued support, hard work and commitment to PAF. 

My highest priority for the next 7 months is to challenge you to become leaders.  Get involved and channel your core sense of community by giving a little of yourself to promote this great association.

One of our more seasoned members shared the following with me:

We have an intrinsic need for a feeling of belonging, a feeling of connectedness with others.  The repeated encounters with the same paralegals at, for example, dinner meetings, create that feeling of being part of a supportive community. That feeling of belonging based on personal contact doesn’t just help a member feel better about the job, it creates a willingness to be actively involved in the organization that brought them together. People may join an organization because they agree with its purpose, but it takes personal relationships to keep them renewing and willing to contribute time and effort.”

She’s right! We are not meeting in person like before, but that need for belonging is still within us.  Please join me in reviving the spirit of PAF and rebuilding our personal relationships.  I know we are best when we work together towards the same goal.  Work with me building our relationships on social media.  Let us create bonds wherever we can. Some are concerned about the time commitment and if we all pitch in, the time commitment will be miniscule.  

Your involvement will carry through to other areas of your lives for the rest of your life.  I look forward to working with all of you. Share your thought and ideas with me at  

Asha Maharaj-Lucas, FRP
Interim President, 
Paralegal Association of Florida, Inc. 
PO Box 11081
Tallahassee, FL 32302
Immediate Past President

Big Bend Chapter
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