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President’s Message

President’s Message

Welcome to the Paralegal Association of Florida, Inc. (PAF) 

Voting is one of the most important responsibilities you have as members of this association. It’s your chance to select leaders who understand the issues as it relates to your local chapter and your career goals. Both Chapter elections and State elections are quickly approaching. 

Some of our chapters will be utilizing electronic voting platforms for the first time! It is vital that you ensure you have access to your profile on iMembers database in preparation to vote for your chapter candidates.  The State Executive Committee elections will be held in October when you will be called upon to select your state leaders.

We need leaders who not only understand our members, but who will also embrace our concerns and strive to achieve our goals. These times have been trying to say the least, but your talents and skills are always needed. If you have an interest in being a leader, now is your chance to step forward and declare for a board position.  Your Chapter will be happy to have you and the State will be thrilled.

We are always looking for members to serve on both chapter and state committees, so for those who just want to ease into a leadership role consider joining a committee.

Remember the leaders you elect will make decisions affecting your CLE’s, meeting locations, worthy charities, and many other issues.  Covid-19 may have changed our world, but it has not stopped PAF from continuing to thrive.

I strongly encourage you to vote in both your chapter and state elections and for the leaders you feel confident about! If you are ready to step forward and make a difference, then join your fellow leaders and run for office. We would love to have you.

Do your part to help PAF excel, cast your vote, and let your VOICE be heard!

Asha Maharaj-Lucas, FRP
President, Paralegal Association of Florida, INC.

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