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STATE 2022 Seminar – Postponed

Fellow Floridians:

As hurricane Ian slowly makes its way into the Atlantic, the devastation left behind is catastrophic for many on the West Coast, South Florida and Central Florida. The next few days of damage assessment and clean-up will be daunting. We hope that those without power and cell-phone services will not be without them for too long.

Due to these unforeseen circumstances which are beyond anyone’s control, the PAF’s 2022 Annual Seminar, along with tonight’s Meet ‘N Greet, will not be going ahead as planned at this time.

We made this difficult decision to postpone the seminar, giving everyone time to recover, while we spend our efforts assisting those in need. We understand millions of Floridians have been affected by hurricane Ian.

Updated seminar information will be provided soon, but for now please stay safe.

Sherry Webber, CP, FCP, FRP
PAF, Inc. ~ First Vice-President & In Brief Editor
2022 Seminar Committee Chair