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FRP Update – June 22, 2017 Meeting

The FRP Program is fast approaching its 10 year mark. We are extremely pleased that 4,968 individuals have voluntarily registered as FRPs. This commitment continues to demonstrate to The Florida Bar and all Florida attorneys the unwavering position and pride that so many skilled paralegals have in their profession.

As a member of The Florida Bar FRP Standing Committee, I wanted to update you regarding our recent meeting on June 22, 2017. We had a tight agenda because of our guest speaker, William Kalish, Esq., from Hillsborough County, that spoke to us about the Professionalism Order of the Supreme Court (2013) as amended (2015), and the importance of it being amended further to create a paralegal component to this task. The FRP Standing Committee agreed that this needs to be amended and two of our Committee Members (Wendy Toscano and Dr. Cary High – both educators) will be assisting Mr. Kalish in drafting this document.


  • A rule will be drafted to notify FRPs they are responsible to keep The Florida Bar – FRP web member information current and up-to-date and, just as important, to update employment information and an employer contact person for the FRP;
  • Rule 20-3.1 (a) (5) has been amended and is being forwarded to The Florida Bar Board of Governors for approval as read: “However, if an attorney is licensed in another state and is a member in good standing, there is no minimum paralegal work experience requirement,”.
  • The June, 2018 Annual Convention Paralegal Seminar was discussed which will be before the FRP Committee Meeting. A subcommittee has been formed to pursue this. We will obtain permission from The Florida Bar to have CLE from 1 to 3 hours before our meeting.
  • The FRP Committee discussed the importance of members receiving information about items discussed at the FRP Committee Meeting as it was noted that the “FRP Agenda” is posed on the website and in the future will contain a synopsis of the FRP Meeting Minutes.
  • FRP Committee Members discussed with our bar liaison changing our status from a “Committee” to a Florida Bar “Section.” Discussion will be initiated with The Florida Bar Board of Governors through our Bar Liaison.

We will provide another update after the January 2018 FRP Committee Meeting at The Florida Bar Convention in Orlando, FL.


Patricia C. DeRamus, ACP, FRP