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October 15, 2016

CE Requirement

No Changes

As many of you are aware, the CLE requirements for attorneys have changed to now include technology-related courses. However, this is not a requirement for paralegals. The FRP CE requirement has not changed. FRPs are required to complete 30 general hours of CEs, with 5 of those hours in ethics or professionalism. Although technology-related courses are not required, feel free to take them for credit towards your general CE requirement. Please remember that only courses approved by The Florida Bar, NALA or NFPA are permissible.


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June 1, 2016

The FRP Program is approaching its 8 ½ year mark, we are extremely pleased that approximately 5,083 persons have voluntarily registered!  This commitment continues to demonstrate to The Florida Bar and all Florida attorneys the unwavering position and pride that so many skilled paralegals have in their profession!

As a member of The Florida Bar FRP Standing Committee, I am happy to report that we have been committed to implement the intent and structure of Rule 20.  We are pleased that so many issues have been discussed and resolved and that benefits have been established.  To name a few, (1) the Bar’s computer system has been fully upgraded to integrate our program; (2) the Committee, through the application process for applicants, was additionally able to identify glitches in the Rule and drafted recommended changes approved by the Supreme Court when appropriate; (3) providing FRP’s many of the same benefits afforded Bar members including this October – the issuance of FRP ID cards for all members; and (4) the issuance to FRPs of a bi-annual Newsletter containing substantive issues for Paralegals. The Florida Bar also has it available on their website.  Thanks go to Thomas Jerla, Jr., committee chair, Shannon Fleming and other members of our Committee (past and present) and the Bar staff for their assistance in all matters relative to FRPs.

The Committee is comprised of nine members – 3 attorneys and 3 paralegals, all of which are appointed by the Bar President, and 3 attorney members.

An update will be provided after our June 17th , 2016 Committee Meeting at The Florida Bar Convention in Orlando, FL.

In the meantime, if you have any interest and time commitment that would be required to be on the FRP Committee, I would suggest that you submit your resume to Lori M. Spangler, Esq. at the Bar through the FRP designated email,

Patricia C. DeRamus, ACP, FRP