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President’s Message

President’s Message

Dear Members:

It is an honor to have been elected as your new President of the association. I know that with the support of all the past Presidents, who have done a tremendous job making this organization what it is today, the Board and Committee Members, who help with the tasks of running the organization and all of the Members who support not only their local Chapters but the organization as a whole, that we have an awesome association and this will be a great year!

During my term as President, with the help of the Board and Committee Members, we have some exciting new ideas to help the Membership and to help grow the organization in a positive direction. We have implemented a Technology Committee, headed by Michelle Ridge. This Committee will be looking into starting PAF with a Facebook Page, LinkedIn site and other media means so Members can network easier and keep up on the latest industry news. We have also implemented a Student Liaison position for the first time on the Board. This position will be headed by Erin Knott, who will be reaching out to your Chapter Student Liaison to help with more student and college involvements. Be on the lookout for her email to see how we can get more students involved in the organization; after all they are our future in this business and any support and education we can provide them from our Members and their years of knowledge, the better we leave our profession.

As most of you know the new website is up and running and we are still working to make it the best website we can for our Members. Please take a moment to visit the new website and see how much more user friendly it has become. Please provide us with your comments and anything else that we might be able to do to make the site even better for everyone. You can send your message right from the website and someone will promptly answer you.

I know we are all busy and hopefully most of you have had a nice summer with family and friends before the craziness of back to school starts and the snowbirds return.

We have a lot of great seminars planned for the Fall and Spring, so be sure to check out the website and your email for updates.

I am very excited about the future of our organization and we could not do any of this without the support of each and every one of you.

No matter how small or insignificant the amount of time you think you may have to devote to helping out the organization – involvement is encouraged, always needed and welcomed. We are looking for Members who want to get involved, so if you would like to serve on a committee or help out in anyway, please send an email. Your help is appreciated!!!!!

Member Input:
If you have any suggestions, updates, or information on any subject that you feel might be of interest to others and you would like to share that information, or see it in the newsletter, website or upcoming media sites, please feel free to send an email. All subjects should be directly related to the paralegal profession.

Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

Jodee L. Buck, CP, FCP, FRP
President of the Paralegal Association of Florida, Inc.
Inspiring professional growth … one paralegal at a time®

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