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Bea-LeVine-Photo-150x150[1]  President’s Message

Ninety Days In . . . .

I promised in my last President’s Message that I would next discuss my goals for PAF’s future under my leadership.  They boil down to three components:  Greater commitment, Outreach, and Excellence.  Let me explain . . .

Greater Commitment:

  • Leadership Development – I have always pushed myself to the limits in any endeavor and my profession doesn’t take the back seat to this either.  I want to continue being an example to others and in doing so I have always felt that others will follow in the same footsteps.  I know we have had many PAF mentors to lay the foundation of strong leadership qualities and so I have a realm of resources available!  I hope to mirror those great mentors and pay it forward.  Many of you have already demonstrated strong leadership qualities and I know, for a fact, there are many of you out there with a hidden talent or desire to lead and so here’s my advice . . . break the mold and get on with it!  You are needed and  I want to hear from you!
  • Code of Ethics – we will talk about this more during my term.  It’s always good to revisit these and remind ourselves of our professional standards.
  • Communication – It’s a two-way street.  I plan to communicate as often as possible and want to hear from you as well!  Members or non-members – we can only serve you more if we know what you need.  PAF has a mission to serve and I have an open door policy and would love to hear from you.


  • Membership – We are proud to say that PAF is the oldest and largest in the State of Florida and we want to continue to increase our membership to reach out to the 21,000 paralegals in Florida.  Yes, the Department of Labor statistics are staggering!  We have the potential to grow exponentially and I think we can go well beyond our current numbers.
  • Education – We work hard to produce two onsite seminars a year so our paralegals can meet, network and build lasting professional relationships.  We also want to move into web conferencing forums for additional CLE opportunities.  More on that in the near future!
  • Sponsors/Exhibitors – Without these wonderful businesses we could not survive.  There is much to be said that these folks mean the world to us and their support to our organization is so very much appreciated.  We want to continue to build our business base even more to help them grow as well!
  • Social Media – We have an active Facebook page as do many of our Chapters.  We’re excited to be adding other social media forums to the mix!
  • At Large Development – For those paralegals not living close to a dedicated PAF chapter we want to focus on servicing these professionals.   There is a need to develop other areas of our state that are underserved.


  • Professional Growth – Continue with the strong foundation of programs and relationships we have through NALA, our FCP exam, study groups and other opportunities to produce greater positive experiences for paralegals.  We want to continue building relationships through other affiliates and professional organizations.
  • Member Benefits – We are working on creating additional benefits to add value for our members.  Stay tuned . . .
  • President’s Award – In addition to our Professional Development and Education scholarships, I plan to implement an annual award for outstanding leadership, chapter growth and related positive efforts.

Thanks for all your support!

Best regards,


Bea LeVine, CP, FRP